About us

Mission Statement

TIC shall devote itself to provide most practical advice to our clients by pursuing their real interests and always remind itself to be practical at all times

TIC is a business advisory firm that specializes in financial consulting services including regulatory advisory, internal controls, compliance and risk management.

We offer a broad range of professional skills in the area of business management and finance and assist clients in identifying issues and implementing most practical and effective solutions to our clients, bringing the most optimal and comprehensive perspectives.

We cover business strategy, regulatory advisory, risk management, compliance, investment advisory, brand management and valuation, governance, business management support, information management and various types of research.

Our client bases include banks, trust banks and companies, securities companies, life and non-life insurance companies, asset management companies, pension funds, corporations, central and municipal governments, universities, public organizations, etc.

Our experts who are equipped with cutting edge knowledge in financial markets, local regulation and business practice provide most practical solution to our clients.

We are proud of serving our clients and maintaining a close relationship with our clients.

Our recommendation to the issues identified are always practical rather than theoretical, enabling clients to resolve the issues promptly.

We believe that such is what we call a professional service at TIC.

Company Profile

Company Name Tokyo International Consulting K.K.
Location Nishi-Shimbashi 2-Chome Mori Bldg. 4F
2-22-1, Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan
Established November 20,2009
Representative Representative Director
Shigeyuki Aoki
Yasuhiro Akutsu
Naoki Oguro
Primary Business Management Consulting
URL http://www.tickk.co.jp
Contact TEL. 03-5776-5090
FAX. 03-5776-5099
E-mail info@tickk.co.jp


Tokyo International Consulting K.K.

Nishi-Shimbashi 2-Chome Mori Bldg. 4F
2-22-1, Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan
Tel. 03-5776-5090
Fax. 03-5776-5099