Services Fraud prevention and investigation support

Social credibility is one of the most important assets to an organization.TIC provides advisory to develop a sound system for preventing fraud and misconducts

A fraud by an employee or an operational failure of a company can cause a serious damage to the entire organization. Embezzlements and leakage of customer data or confidential information can lead to financial damage exceeding monetary penalties.

These fraud and misconducts could be seen as a result of corporate culture and environment. TIC will work closely with management and, based on good understanding of history and background, work together to develop a practical solution for improving the work environment.

Frauds and misconducts cannot be prevented simply by developing a severe set of internal standards. TIC supports the management in formulating a process to obtain necessary information to prevent frauds and misconducts in the future.

TIC's fraud prevention and investigation advisory service

  1. Prevention of frauds and misconducts

    1)Advisory in improving the corporate culture
    2)Developing a handy manual that could be understood at the ground level
  2. Investigation support

    1)Developing internal checklist Ways to train managers