Shigeyuki Aoki
Representative Director

Mr. Aoki specializes in the areas of regulatory compliance and internal audit. As a financial regulation and audit expert, Mr. Aoki has been engaged in more than 350 regulatory advisory projects for major banks and financial institutions.
Previously, Mr. Aoki worked for the Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Corporation. Mr. Aoki had been seconded to the government of Japan, and has a wide network among the Ministries and Agencies.
Mr. Aoki was a member of Examination Board for Qualified Financial Internal Auditor of the Institute of Internal Auditors-Japan.
Mr. Aoki has given many lectures on financial regulations and internal audit at Japan Securities dealers association, Tokyo Stock Exchange.
The Second association of regional Banks and Japan non life insurance association in addition to many financial institutions.
Mr. Aoki holds a BA in Law from the University of Tokyo.
Certified Fraud Examiner /Certified Risk Management Auditor (IIA)

Yasuhiro Akutsu
Representative Director

Mr. Akutsu has been involved in more than 100 compliance related projects at TIC, and has provided compliance advisory service, regulatory advisory services to many industrial companies and financial institutions.
Mr. Akutsu has worked at the Mizuho Bank (former Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank) and the Mizuho Corporate Bank (former Industrial Bank of Japan) in key functions such as corporate planning and strategies as well as internal management.
Mr. Akutsu specialized in the areas of fraud examining and internal audit.
Mr. Akutsu holds BA in Economics from the University of Tokyo.
Certified Fraud Examiner /Certified Risk Management Auditor (IIA)

Naoki Oguro
Representative Director

Mr. Oguro's advisory service focuses in the areas of risk management covering processes as well as methodologies.
Mr. Oguro has been engaged in more than 50 risk management related projects ranging from validation of credit risk measurement models as well as setting up risk management procedures in line with FSA Inspection Manual. As formerly Executive Director of KPMG, Mr. Oguro led more than 180 risk management related projects covering megabanks and global major banks. His advisory experience with global banks (more than 35 foreign banks in Japan) was mostly dealing with the development of necessary local procedures to fill-in the gaps between global policies.
Mr. Oguro has been appointed as advisor for several Japanese Regional Banks regarding credit and market risk management.
Mr. Oguro has worked for the Mitsui Trust and Banking Co., LTD mostly in its risk management area, and developed ALM and Risk Management Systems for the bank.
Mr. Oguro holds a BA in Engineering and a MA in Engineering from Waseda University.
Mr. Oguro is a Chartered Member of Securities Analysts Association of Japan and holds a qualification of the Data Processing Engineer (Second Grade).

Haruhiko (Harry) Saito
Managing Director

While with TIC, Mr. Saito has advised many foreign financial institutions regarding local regulatory matters. As the former Head of Regulatory Advisory practice of KPMG in Japan, has led more than 400 regulatory projects in the past. Currently appointed as a regulatory advisor to more than 70 clients that hold retainer contracts. Prior to joining TIC K.K., has worked at Bank of Japan on banking policy matters and has served as Japan's official member in various working groups at Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), IOSCO, etc. Has served as an official member of Industrial Policy Advisory Panel at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Mr. Saito holds BA in Law from the University of Tokyo and MBA degree from Harvard University.
Certified Fraud Examiner /Certified Risk Management Auditor (IIA)

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