Services Financial and corporate recovery advisory

Business research and due diligence is important for M&As and corporate restructuring. TIC will provide most practical analysis and assist clients in developing effective strategies

It is indispensable to utilize external expertise in developing strategies for M&As, corporate restructuring and financial management. TIC has many professionals who have worked in this area in leading organizations who are able to assist clients in various aspects that require local expertise. By analyzing financial condition of clients, TIC will assist clients in negotiation with financial institutions and develop a custom-made solution to all the cases.

TIC's financial and corporate recovery advisory service

M&A related

  1. Industry research at M&A transactions
  2. Corporate valuation and due diligence
  3. Detailed due diligence from a local
    regulatory perspective

Corporate recovery related

  1. Advisory to obligors from a financial
  2. Assisting clients in dealing with financial
  3. Restructuring of finance function
  4. Valuation