Services Compliance Advisory

Enhancing awareness among directors and employees to develop a sound structure for compliance; TIC provides comprehensive set of issues related to compliance

We realize compliance related issues on the front page of major presses almost everyday. Compliance is one of the hottest topics among business world, and many companies are struggling to develop robust compliance system. Though everyone recognizes compliance and corporate ethics as a common standard, the number of cases of fraud does not go down. A number of regulatory breaches lead to sanctions at major financial institutions.

It has become increasingly important to all organization to develop a system for compliance not only with laws/regulations but with internal ethical code. It is therefore important to change the mindset of senior managers and implement a practical system for enhancing compliance within the organization. TIC will offer its numerous consulting experience and help clients to develop a better compliance environment that will be accepted not only from a regulatory perspective but also from a best practice viewpoint.

Example pf problem of compliance

  • What are the most effective and efficient measures to prevent misconducts from repeating?
  • How can one develop a system that ensures prompt escalation of information to management?
  • What must be included in an internal investigation and in preventive measures?
  • How can one utilize Compliance Manual?


  1. Independent assessment of compliance environment Advisory on developing
    a robust compliance system

    1)Advisory on developing a compliance manual
    2)Advisory on developing a compliance program
    3)Compliance training
    4)Field review on compliance(Checking and reviewing the actual status of compliance)
  2. Independent assessment of compliance environment