Services Internal controls advisory

Internal controls is the foundation of all the key control functions such as risk management, compliance and internal audit. TIC will support management in developing a most practical and sound system for internal controls

Ensuring proper functioning of internal controls to ensure accuracy of financial statements and compliance etc. is a new challenge for management in the 21st century. TIC has assisted a number of leading organizations in developing robust internal control systems. TIC's support and advisory service on internal controls can suit to any needs of the clients. TIC will work closely with management in developing a sound internal control system in the most practical manner.

TIC's internal control advisory service

  1. Independent assessment of internal controls

  2. Advisory and support in developing a robust
    internal controls
  3. Advisory service in developing a sound
    organization for internal controls
  4. Developing internal rules and procedures
    for internal controls
  5. Management training for further
    enhancement of internal controls
  6. Advisory service on developing internal