Services Enterprise risk management advisory

Good understanding of risks makes a solid step to success. TIC will provide practical advice to customers how to manage risks that also leads to long-term gains

Business is always confronted with risks. One cannot eliminate risks completely even if he/she tries to be most careful. Therefore, it is important for business to understand the risk inherent in the business and know the risk limits and control the risk efficiently.
minimizing operational losses and ensuring safety in business operations may contribute to decreased costs and increased revenues. On the other hand, new business is always faced with external environments, but there could be business opportunities that could far exceed such risks. It is important for managers to understand how much risk one can accept.
TIC provides best solution to our clients who face with various types of risks and conflicting needs. TIC has assisted a number of clients in developing necessary infrastructure to enable management to make appropriate business judgments.

The ways and methodologies for managing risk will vary client by client. In any situation, TIC helps clients to develop most practical enterprise risk management structure based on cutting edge financial engineering theories and best practice in the market.

Enterprise risk management advisory

  • What are the types of risks in your business?
  • Is there a process for management to be informed of all the risks inherent in the business?
  • Is there sufficient capital to support the risks inherent in the business?
  • Can management control impact of volatility in stock price, foreign exchange, oil price, etc?
  • What are the risks in case business partners go bankrupt?
  • Is there a process to capture operational risk including operational errors and accidents?


  1. Advisory in establishing various risk
    management systems and external
    validation of risk management environment
  2. Advisory in developing ALM systems, etc.

  3. External validation of VaR measurement
    process and advisory on risk measurement
  4. Advisory in dealing with the Basel Ⅱ

  5. Support in developing a system for
    managing operational risks

  6. Advisory for developing treasury risk
    management and risk measurement
    models at corporations